Friday, June 5, 2009

Faculty Advisory Council 2009 Sharing

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The purpose of the Faculty Advisory Council is to provide insight and counsel to the Dean of Faculty. In previous years, the Council helped the Dean of Faculty write several new policies. This year, the group functioned as a Learning Community -- a group of educators who came together to study some essential topics and questions. Drawing upon what they learned during the meetings, the FAC advised the Dean of Faculty, and posed a new set of questions that represent the next body of knowledge we will need to create.

Topics studied this year
  • FAD timeline and process
  • Eportfolio options for FAD
  • Moodle
  • Challenges of safeguarding the year of the classroom
  • WASC Action Plan
  • Are We Ready? Professional Development Day
  • Vision for Library 2.0
  • Defining terms and concepts in the Strategic Plan
  • Sustaining excellence while managing change
  • Prioritizing values
  • Summer Reading
  • How can we can continue to strive for our own personal and authentic learning and authentic assessment in our FADs?
  • Can Moodle serve as the "portal" into our online academic community/network/course management?
  • How can we leverage the new schedule to make the classroom improvements that will enhance learning and engagement?
  • What are the top priorities in our WASC Action Plan?
  • What aspects of the Are We Ready? day should we incorporate into Opening Days?
  • What do we need to do to facilitate Jole's entry in our community, and how can we collaborate with her to insure success of library 2.0 vision?
  • How do we define:
21st Century Education
  • How do we implement strategic initiatives while sustaining core values at the highest level?
  • How can we foster the expansion of Learning Communities -- groups of educators who come together to study and learn, in the hopes of building greater knowledge and understanding, rather than the "herding of cats." (too rough???)
  • How will Carol Dweck's Mindset contribute to our ongoing dialog about how best to set girls up for "Success" in their learning?


Brydie Sullivan said...

Two more related questions:

1. How do we stop the cycle of "the urgent before the important"? Where/how do we make the time for "the important"?

2. How do our current practices reflect our priorities? Are we efficient with our time? Do we spend it on what we believe is important?

While we look forward to establishing our top priorities, we need to look at what we are already doing--what must we absolutely not lose and what can we let go in order to create the time we need for future initiatives? Prioritizing certain efforts necessitates deprioritizing other efforts--the very challenging flip side of the coin.

Anonymous said...

I love Brydie's questions, and I would echo the importance of addressing how we prioritize--and deprioritize--our efforts in various arenas.

In one of our meetings, Ryanne used the metaphor of big rocks, followed by pebbles, followed by sand, put into a jar, representing our priorities. What are our individual and collective big rocks and pebbles? How often do we stop to think what they are/should be?

Also, how do we ensure that the year of the classroom remains a priority and does not become an item checked off of a list?

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