Friday, June 5, 2009

Casti PLC Contributors Needed!!

Interested in sharing posts and authoring in this "Professional Learning Community" blog space? Perhaps you have some thoughts to share this summer about Carol Dweck's book or perhaps you'd like to share some reflections on a summer professional development opportunity. If you would like to contribute, you have a couple of options.

Option #1: Send Matt your gmail address and he will add you as a "Team Member" of this space. Please note, your new Castilleja Google Mail address will not work for this. You'll need a gmail address if you'd like to contribute as a "Team Member."

Option #2: Draft your post in an email and send it directly to . Please indicate the title for your post by placing it in the body of the email.

In order to organize content, we'll use the following labeling scheme to get us started. Feel free to add other labels to your posts as well. Labels are located at the bottom of the blog post editor window where it says, "Labels for this post." For short phrases with multiple words, simply lump them together so there are no spaces (eg-for a post related to "digital learning," type digiallearning as the label).

Tagging Scheme:
Posts on Carol Dweck's Mindset:
Posts on Teaching & Learning in an environment where all students bring a digital device:
digitallearning (notice that there are no spaces between the two words)
Posts on all things related to STEM:
Reflections on conferences and professional development experiences:
professionaldevelopment (again, no spaces b/t the two words)
Posts related to topics of global education and community service:
Posts related to topics of interdisciplinary/multidisciplinary learning:

Thanks for contributing to the Castilleja Professional Learning Community blog. We hope this grows into a useful space for members of the Castilleja learning community to share, reflect, and construct knowledge collaboratively.


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